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Temporary Body Art Ink

Temporary body art ink is a popular option for those who are not sure about getting a permanent tattoo.  I will examine a few types of temporary body art in this article.  Before I get into that let me discuss a few things about body art.  Body art has been a staple of the fashion industry, the body has become a canvas for people to display their creative side.  It is has been around as early as ancient civilizations.

Temporary body art is quickly becoming more popular than permanent tattoos.  Temporary tattoos have allowed people to have an outlet for their creative ideas.  These tattoos are easily customized to one’s ideas, intricate patterns may not work with a real tattoo, but almost anything can be put on a temporary tattoo.  The following is a list of reason why temporary body art are more preferred over permanent tattoos.

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Why are Temporary Body Art Preferred?

No Needles: Temporary body art allow for the look of a real tattoo without all that pain!

Zero Chance of Allergic Reaction: Needle usage for tattoos can be horrible for those with sensitive skin.  Skin allergies can occur with permanent tattoos. This leads to temporary tattoos being the best alternative to real tattoos, without any risk of allergies.

Easily Changeable Designs: This form of art gives you the option to change your designs on the fly. Permanent tattoos are with for near life, if your not sure of a design, just try it out with a temporary one first.

Experiment with Designs: Have the freedom to try different designs.  See what other thing about your new tattoo, if you notice people don’t reallyca re for it, more importantly you don’t really care for it, you can experiment with other designs.  I bet you wish you can do that with permanent tattoos.

There are three types of techniques when getting Temporary Tattoos, they are as follows:

Stick On Temporary Tattoos:
This is one of the most popular type of temporary tattoos, even popular with kids.  Its simple just peel it off and stick to the area that you want it on your skin. Sometimes water is placed to smoothen out the tattoo.

Henna Tattoos:
Henna (also known as mehndi) tattoos are very original and exposes a great cultural flair.  It is a paste that comes out of cones that are squeezed out on the skin following a rough design placed on the skin. After it dries, you simply wash it off with water.  Henna leaves an orange colour on your skin in the shape of the design that you have chosen.

Airbrushed Tattoos:
This method gives the greatest option in creating a real artistic style for your tattoo allowing for the blending of powerful colors.  This is used with an aid of a stencil by an artist and is similar to airbrush t-shirts.  Aside from stencil, there are a number of techniques and experienced airbrush artist uses to create that perfect design.

I hope this clears up any questions that you may have had about Temporary Body Art.

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