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Busy day today, can’t really write anything today.  But I found some great posts online.  Some wicked tattoo designs.

18 Douchebag Celebrities and their Douchebag Tattoos

Here is our list of the 18 celebrities that were douchebags before they got their tattoos, and then leveled up on the douchebag-meter because of the tattoos they decided to get.

Cataloging Celebrity Tattoos – Proving Permanent Ink is …

Proving Permanent Ink is a Personalized Form of Expression (GALLERY): We’ve seen tattoos get pretty personal in recent years, and celebrities are the easiest.



Neck Piece Tattoo Ideas For Girls

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While the purpose of the entire auction is wild enough, the fact that someone actually paid $6,500 for the tattoo of their choice to grace the 20-year-old Bailey Price’s butt for eternity is even crazier.

Celebrity Tattoos: Jesse James

There is no denying that the ex Monster Garage host and the owner of West Coast Choppers is not a stranger to the tattoo gun. Jesse has several tattoos all over his body.

Jade Goody: Jack Tweed is getting a tattoo to remember me

‘Jack, my friends, even Jack’s dad, are all going to have that tattooed on to the arches of their feet,’ she tells the News Of The World, ‘so that there’s hope all around me and they can bring it with them when they come to see me. ‘I don’t know why those words mean so much to me – why they move me. But they do.




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