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Getting a tattoo is awesome. Getting a tattoo is about showing your uniqueness. It’s about selecting that special piece of art and having it placed on your skin so that everyone can see for many years to come. Unless you have a tattoo in a place where you don’t want people to see! In either case, getting the right tattoos it’s so hard to come by. There are millions of tattoo designs unfortunately there are thousands that are horrible. There are so many “cloned tattoos,” tattoos that have been used by so many people that it no longer is a unique tattoo. You don’t want to be stuck in that situation, it’s just not cool.

One example of common tattoo design mishap was when my friend Marc, was considering getting a tattoo. I went with him to a tattoo shop downtown and they had hundreds of tattoo designs on the wall, but Marc picked about five of the wall that he considered unique.  Marc  wasn’t sure what design he wanted. So he wanted to sleep on it. The next day Marc , a few friends and I went clubbing. The s and I were checking out all the girls at the club, but not Marc . He was obsessed with anyone who had a tattoo in the club, man or woman. When he noticed someone with a tattoo he would get closer to get a better look, so he can get more ideas on what design he wanted to choose. Mind you, he already narrowed it down to five designs. What he noticed throughout the night is that many of the tattoos designs that he saw were very similar and were pretty much duplicates. While making small talk with a few tattoo bearers, he asked where they got their tattoos.  He got a list of five tattoo parlors from about a dozen different people.  The next day he went to these tattoo parlors. He noticed that most of these tattoo parlors had similar if not the same designs in their books and walls. Marc was really frustrated because he realized that no matter what tattoo he got in town other people already had that tattoo. So Marc wanted to find an alternative.

cross tattoo

Marc  went online to search for tattoo designs.  What he found was amazing.  Most designs online that were designated popular, cool, hip or awesome were in fact old designs that have been circulating on the net and various tattoo shops. Then Marc  found various websites which required a membership to join. This is where Marc really liked what he saw. According to one website they only add designs that are unique and are originally made by a tattoo artist who only uses this design in their own single tattoo parlour. It was like a network of artists who understood that tattoos are to be unique. That’s why they only use it in their own shops and never gave these designs away to any other shop. They only give their designs to this membership website so that only a few people can get these designs. This then keeps their valued designs unique and rare.
Marc  has used this website for a couple of months now, and he loves it. There are so many designs that it took him days to finally pick one. He actually now has three raging tattoos on his body. They’re pretty unique and I’ve never seen them, nor has Marc, on anybody else.

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