Tattoo Parlors in NY State

Finding A Tattoo Parlor

This article discusses the factors you should consider when finding a tattoo parlor.

When you’re looking for that perfect tattoo parlor, there are a number of things to consider.  Remember finding the right place is crucial if you want to have that perfect tattoo, if you don’t choose correctly then you could be getting a poor tattoo from a poor place.

What are the things you should consider

First off, take a look at local tattoo shops in your area and check them out.  Find out if the tattoo parlor is fully licensed and registered.  Check to see if they have their safety certificate up to date.  A safety certificate is important because you should only get a tattoo from an artist who takes customer’s safety and health seriously.

Just because your tattoo artist is fully licensed and has a safety certificate does not mean that they are perfect for you just yet.  Ensure they use fully sterilized needles and equipment at all times.  Make sure they always wear gloves and have a clean tattoo area and surface.  Make sure your tattoo parlor practices these safety requirement by asking and noticing their work before you get a tattoo.

ny stateSafety is paramount when selecting a tattoo shop but there are also other things to watch out for.  Choose an artist who can do the work you are thinking about getting.  Tattoo artists have varying skill.  Most can do tattoo designs that you pick out their tattoo design book or from the wall.  Some can do a design that you bring in yourself.  Make if you bring in a design that you found on the web, that the artist is confident that he or she can translate the design into a tattoo on your body.  Simply ask them, if they sound confident they can do it, go for it.

Lastly, if you are not confident in choosing your tattoo artist after following the above tips, another option is to ask some of friends who have had tattoos and ask them to recommend you to places that they have got tattoos.  In the end this is perhaps the most popular way on choosing a tattoo shop, the industry thrives on word of mouth advertising.  If your friends have good looking tattoos then you will probably have a great looking tattoo if you go to the same artist that they went to. Another tip, most artists take photos of client who have had intricate tattoos done, ask to see pictures of past clients, this usually put people in a comfortable position when finalizing there chose of an tattoo parlor

In summary, always take your time when selecting the right tattoo parlor, shop or artist.  Look for a professional who know what they are doing.  Ensure at minimum they at minimum follow health and safety rules.  More importantly, they have the skill to give you the tattoo of your dreams.

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