Tattoo Trends

Tattoos – Trends And A Bit of History

Everyone knows that choosing a tattoo can be a challenging. You should always pick a tattoo design that you will be comfortable with, ideally it will be a permanent fixture. After you look at the thousands of design out there, you must go to a reputable tattoo artist.

Long believed to be a taboo, today the tattoo industry is celebrated. The word “tattoo” consistently ranks in the top 50 searches for all internet search engine traffic. Did you know that, last century tattoo shops were the sixth fastest growing retail business. This phenomenon transcends culture, and it why people today can choose from an array of different designs reflected different cultures. These would include Celtic tribal tattoo designs to Chinese and Japanese characters or symbols.

The tattoo industry is very versatile in its market locations and designs. Since 1934, it has been estimated that at 10 million Americans have had at least one tattoo. By 2004, there was a tripling of that number to 30 million Americans having had at least one tattoo. A whopping 37 per cent of people between the ages of 18-25, and 40 per cent of people between the ages of 26-40 had at least one tattoo. Females were dramatically increasing the number of tattooing their bodies largely because of female celebrities, who were getting tagged.

Yes, tattoo removal is possible, but it can be expensive, not mention painful. I must stress, think about getting a tattoo very carefully, in general it will always be there. Make sure you choose a reputable tattoo artist who practices good sanitation and is aware of the health risks associated when applying a tattoo. Ensure that your artist knows how to inform you on proper tattoo aftercare.

Tattoos can be wonderful things that allow you as an individual to express you spiritually, your status, you’re commitment to a loved one or just to show people that you like to defy convention. Some popular tattoos can include a dragon, which may represent courage. A butterfly tattoo, symbolises the birth of a baby or re-birth. Some choose religious tattoos to show ones dedication to ones faith.

Throughout history, tattoos have been controversial, evoking both positive and negative reactions from people across the spectrum. Society has lacked education about tattoos; their history and significance. If people were informed by about tattoo’s rich history, they might appreciate the importance of its legacy and it expression of an art form.

From tattoo queens like Angelina Jolie and Kat Von D, to unexpected tramp stamps from the likes of Julia Roberts and hand tattoos on Helen Mirren, here are the 25 hottest celebrity females who have tattoos, making them that much hotter.

Eight Biggest Celebrity Tattoos Of 2008 (PHOTOS)
From The Huffington Post.

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